Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Montucky For Montana

      My post today is entirely based on a pet peeve of mine that for some reason, drives me nuts: the ever increasing use of the utterly un-clever word, "Montucky".  It is imperative that we stop referring to our great state as "Montucky". It is disgraceful to incorporate any mention of Kentucky, or any other state for that matter, into the name of our finest state in the union. It is Montana, a derivation from the latin word "montanus", meaning land of the mountains or a mountainous region, and cannot be improved.  Not only is Montana superior to Kentucky, or any other state, in every way that matters. It is a beautiful and tried and true name. "Montana". It rolls off the tongue, feels right, and means something. We could remove the first syllable of  quite a few states and replace it with "Mont" and it would be just as meaningless. Montconsin? Montifornia? Montinois? No, No, and No. Stop. It's perfect.

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